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Westcoast Metalworks has certified Viewrail installers to handle your project throughout the entire process. Our company has experience in using the best methods to increase efficiency and reduce rework. Part of our planning process gives Westcoast Metalworks the ability to focus on our clients needs and maximize the success on the installation projects.


Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.


During this phase Westcoast Metalworks will meet with the client to discuss the design, best course of action, and  executing the project. This will help determine the budget, resources, and manpower to get the job done. Westcoast Metalworks has a good history of performing right on schedule because of good planning.


Our team will gather accurate measurements for the project during this process. The measurements will then be used to engineer your railings, structure, or any other custom designs.


Westcoast Metalworks will use site measurements for 3D renderings and shop drawings. This will help communicate the design vision and the materials required to start the project

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